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Phoenix Rising Training and Development

Training for the Alaskan Cannabis Industry 

The Alaskan Cannabis Industry has just begun and Phoenix Rising is here to set industry standards for professional training and development for industry members. Phoenix Rising hosts training sessions for those who work in the industry as well as informative consumer sessions to help bring consistent information to the residents of the State of Alaska. 


Phoenix Rising's mission is to help bring Cannabis back from the ashes of prohibition through education and empowerment of industry members. Cannabis can save the world if we help her along the path!



Who is Team Phoenix?

Team Phoenix brings over 10 years of training and development in various industries to the benefit of the Cannabis industry in Alaska. 

CEO Sara Williams has a deep passion for instruction and brings 7 years of experience in guiding adult learners through intensive and knowledge rich material in a creative and informative way.

Team Phoenix is here to guide you and your employees towards setting a professional training and development precedent to protect your business. 


Welcome to Phoenix Rising, Inc.

Phoenix Rising Training and Development is passionate about setting a standard of professionalism and prosperity for the Alaskan Cannabis Industry. Through our in depth training programs, we offer industry members an enlightening trip into the cannabusiness world. Our guidance services include professional writing services such business plan creation complete with all needed marketing and operations plans, employee training manuals and website copy. Additionally we offer training programs geared towards developing a skilled and competent workforce for the cannabis industry in Alaska.


Over the past two years, Phoenix Rising, Inc CEO Sara Williams has earned a reputation for expertise in the Alaskan Cannabis Industry. She has consistently delivered consumer and Industry educational opportunities and has now turned her passion for teaching adult learners into the premiere resource for cannabis training in the State of Alaska. 

Phoenix Rising, Inc provides complete and sustainable business solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and large corporations. To find out more about how we can help your company, please contact us for your FREE NEEDS ANALYSIS TODAY!









Phoenix Rising is committed to educating the residents of Alaska about the viability of the Alaskan Cannabis Industry and it's extensive potential to become Alaska's biggest cash producing industry. Alaska is prime real estate with two essential elements for economic growth in the industrial cannabis industry: Land and People. Industrial Cannabis can revolutionize the Alaskan economy and Phoenix Rising is here to help cannabis rise from the ashes of prohibition through education and empowerment. 

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News & Events

Announcing Online Budtender Certification Available Now!

Phoenix Rising is excited to announce an affiliate partnership to offer online Cannabis Certification classes with Trichome Institute! Visit the Training Opportunities page for more information.

Industry Classes Available Now! 

Employee Training Available Now!


Training Courses Currently Available:

Alaska's Newest Industry: The Legal Cannabis Market


This 4 hour introductory training to Alaska's cannabis industry provides an extensive overview of all 9 Articles of the Alaska State Regulations in addition to high level reviews of types of cannabis and consumption methods.   


Limited Time Pricing Only for Industry Launch!


$60 per employee for groups of 1-5 employees

$50 per employee for groups of 5-10 employees

$40 per employee for groups of 10+


Webinar and In Person Sessions Available! Contact us to get scheduled today!

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